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1 Advances_in_Biotechnology1 After Information Technology it is going to be the era of “Biotechnology” which will dominate most of our industrial processes. The revolutionary field of biotechnology is expected to give solutions to most of our problems. It will change the way we live and the way we carry on our various activities. The dramatic developments in biotechnology find their applications in various fields like agriculture, food, medicine, industries. Understanding of nature itself could become easier and convincing with the developments of tools and techniques of biotechnology.This book should prove to be a right introductory reading for the student of life sciences and more particularly for the student of biotechnology. This book covers the applications of biotechnology in agriculture, food, medicine, environment and industrial productions. This book instead of covering only the theoretical aspects of biotechnology gives importance to commercial aspects and the impact of biotechnology. Thus orld status, Indian scenario, quality assurance, patent protection, bio-safety and entrepreneurial efforts are the unique areas covered in this book.This fifth revised edition of the book suggests the response and success of this book in communicating the subject to students  Himalaya Publishing House  150  15  135  –  buy_biotechnology_books
2  Biopharmaceuticals1  ‘Biopharmaceuticals’ are complex macromolecules created through the genetic manipulation of living organisms using gene cloning, recombinant DNA (gene splicing), or cell fusion technologies. Although small molecule drugs remain the standard treatment for disease, new strategies based on the engineering of proteins, genes and cells as therapeutic agents will revolutionize medicine in the coming decades. More than 20 percent of new medicines launched in 2003 were produced using biotechnology, and nearly 80 percent of those under development either use biotechnology or are derived from it. The biopharmaceutical industry is a key part of the knowledge-based economy. Bio-pharmaceuticals are gaining significance worldwide. This book is intended to cover different aspects of the fast developing field of biopharmaceuticals.   Himalaya Publishing Houses  198  20  178  –  buy_biotechnology_books
3  Entrepreneurship_Business of_Biotechnology1  Biotechnology has become a buzzword today and we see lots of enthusiasm about this discipline in people who understand it and even those who have heard of it. Along with the rest of the world we also believe that biotechnology has the potential to solve many of our problems and will certainly revolutionize the way we live. Industrial and commercial activities are rapidly increasing in biotechnology in India and this is witnessed by the growth of biotech sector which is expected to reach above $6 billions by 2010. If biotech industry is expected to grow it will not be possible without entrepreneurs who find promises in this subject and managers who understand this subject and of course those subject-experts who understand establishment and management of biotech business.  Entrepreneurs are born but their cultivation is possible if we provide them favourable environment and if we imbibe appropriate skills into them.“Entrepreneurship and the Business of Biotechnology” is a book specially designed to discuss the aspects of business with the students of biotechnology. This book is intended to make the students familiar with language of business. It discusses about business plan, business models, funding, management strategies, opportunity areas, environmental factors etc. Though more information is with respect to biopharmaceutical industry references are made about other sectors wherever possible. Indian perspectives are given sufficient coverage. What can be promised after reading of this book is familiarity with business language and confidence to deal effectively while leading commercial biotech activities. If you are stimulated its your inner drive and if you become an entrepreneur its your inborn skills.This book should prove useful to all students studying biotechnology as a component under different disciplines of Science and particularly to those students who are learning management of biotech business (MBAs). This book will certainly give necessary concise initial information on this subject.    Himalaya Publishing Houses  390  40  350  –  buy_biotechnology_books
4  Environment_Farm_Management1  About The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes Here  Himalaya Publications          buy_biotechnology_books
5  Environmental_Biotechnology1  Industrial progress which has contributed to comforts and luxuries of human life will become more respectable if it maintains due regard to nature and its equilibrium. Biotechnology which has number of applications in fields of agriculture, medical, food, energy, industrial production has also its promises for environment protection. Apart from pollution control through biotreatment of wastes, Ecofriendly products and processes from biotechnology (as preventive approaches) will prove as effective options in future. This book aims to discuss ‘Industrial Pollution Management’ as area of most concern in the field of environmental biotechnology.This book should prove useful to all students studying biotechnology’s role in environmental science as a component under different disciplines of science and engineering. Biotreatment technologies useful for treatment of wastes from different industries is relatively less discussed area and though references are desired by students they have difficult time on search. This book will certainly give necessary concise initial information on this subject.   Himalaya Publishing House  190  20  170  –  buy_biotechnology_books
6  Gene_Biotechnology1  The dramatic development of Biotechnology owes its major credit to the capabilities that we have achieved in recent years in gene analysis and gene manipulations. Application of this knowledge to various fields like agriculture, food, medicine, environment, industries has provided us products and processes never available before. Understanding of nature itself could become easier and convincing with the development of tools and techniques of our modern genetics.Genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology, cloning, protein engineering, DNA fingerprinting, transgenic animals, gene therapy, anti-sense technology and many more techniques are amongst the recent contributions to the field of genetics. The whole new field of Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Proteomics are a step further in this development. Most recent developments in the area of genetics like “Synthetic Biology” are also covered in this book. All this goes on, with the hope to achieve control and regulation of our life processes. The task is difficult, but stupendous and continuous efforts will definitely take us to our goals.This book has been designed to discuss genetic basis of biotechnology and introduce the students to the recent developments in the field of genetics. The book should prove useful to students of Microbiology, Biotechnology and other life science subjects. Need of revision of this book for the fourth time in 11 years, suggests the rapid developments occurring in this field and our success in transcribing this information to readers. The presentation of the contents has become so unique that students find it easy to refer to any topic.  Himalaya Publishing House  225  23  202  –  buy_biotechnology_books
7  Indian_Biotech_Industry1  About The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes HereAbout The Book Goes Here  BSS Publications  1500  300  1200  100  buy_biotechnology_books
8  Industrial_Biotechnology1  Industrial and economic growth with environmentally sustainable development is the need of time. Cleaner technologies are the key to achieve these goals. Green chemistry and “White Biotechnology” (“Industrial Biotechnology”) are our paths towards these goals. Industrial Biotechnology is often described as “third wave” in the growth of biotechnology. Biotech processes will certainly help us to reduce pollution, to conserve resources, to save on energy and to reduce the costs of processing, overall. After the feats of biotechnology in healthcare and agriculture further interests and contributions of biotechnology are going to be in the area of Industrial Biotechnology. Biofuels, Biopolymers, Ecofriendly alternative bioprocesses, biological synthesis of chemicals, new materials, Nanotechnology are some of the areas of current interests. This book aims to discuss these areas of activities in Industrial Biotechnology.This book should prove useful to all students studying biotechnology as a component under different disciplines of science and engineering. If future growth of biotechnology is going to be in the area of “Industrial Biotechnology” students must be conversant with this technology and its contributions. This book will certainly give necessary concise initial information on this subject.  Himalaya Publishing House  175  18 157  –   buy_biotechnology_books
9  Medical_Biotechnology1 Food, Health, Energy and Environment Protection are the major fields of interest for any scientific adventures. Biotechnology is no exception. Biotechnology has made interesting and impressive contributions to our healthcare efforts. Understanding the cause of disease / disorders, their diagnosis, and attempt to cure them is convincingly improved by research and applications of biotechnology.This book has been designed to discuss the tools, techniques of biotechnology which provide base for human healthcare efforts. The book should be useful to the students of Biology, Microbiology, and Biotechnology to understand the developments in the field of ‘Medical Biotechnology’. The book can also be useful to the students of medicine and pharmacy to understand how biotechnological approaches are helpful to medical field. This book being a revised edition has been updated with latest developments in each of the areas of prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and drug discovery and drug delivery.   Himalaya Publishing House  325  32  293  –  buy_biotechnology_books
10  Pharmaceutical_Biotechnology1  Healthcare has always been on the top of list of biotechnology’s efforts towards well being of Human. Development of diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutic agents (hormones, enzymes, therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy, antisense DNA therapy etc.), and drug delivery systems have made remarkable impact on the healthcare efforts. Growth of Modern Biotechnology on the other hand owes its credit to stimulus and financial support given by pharmaceutical companies.Now, studies of biotechnology subject have become integral part of curricula for most of the branches of science. Students of Pharmaceutical sciences obviously have to study the biotechnology developments in their area. This book is specially designed to the requirements of syllabi of pharmaceutical science courses in some universities. Briefly though, the book covers the topics like genetic engineering, production of some therapeutic proteins (Monoclonal antibodies, hormones, interferons etc.), fermentation technology and its applications to various products including antibiotics, steroids, vaccines and blood products.   Himalaya Publishing House  225  23  202  –  buy_biotechnology_books

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