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Environmental Biotechnology

Biotechnology for Air Pollution Abatement and Odour Control

Biotechnology for Air Pollution Abatement and Odour Control Appeared in Chemical Weekly on 12th January 1999    Abstract – Sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, hydrogen sulfides, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, are the major components of air pollution and are responsible for health hazards and environmental hazards. But equally important are the substances which cause unpleasent […]

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Bio Reactors

Bio ReactorsBio ReactorsBio ReactorsBio ReactorsBio ReactorsBio Reactors   Bio ReactorsBio ReactorsBio Reactors

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BioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremed   BioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediationBioremediation   BioremediationBioremediationBioremediation

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